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Why FWS Shutters


Wooden window or ‘plantation’ shutters help to complete living spaces, both architecturally and aesthetically. By adjusting the angle of the shutter panes, the mood can be changed from ‘bright and airy’ (flooding a space) to ‘warm and cosy’ (softly filtering light) in an instant.

Another benefit of installing shutters is its screened privacy which allows one to enjoy precious solitude or intimacy with loved ones, while being able to allow light to court interiors judiciously. Many shutter owners love the way how privacy can be achieved instantly by tilting the shutters upwards without the need for artificial light!

In addition, these innovative shutters are also able to demarcate spaces simply by folding them out, too.

But Fine Wood Shutter’s true beauty is how it adds elegance and poise to window openings, glass doors or entry ways. And one can select an eye-catching natural wood grain or even a coloured or stained finish, to add character and charm to the room or hall.

Shutters help keep interiors cool, either by reflecting light or preventing heat from filtering in. Made from natural, solid and durable wood specimens, these shutters are carefully measured and customised to mirror the existing windows and doorway spaces, be it straight or curved.

Bespoke Options

Customers can choose from a wide range of customised options in terms of shape, size, colour, system or types of natural wood; such as a modern, round-framed swivel shutter door in bright yellow spray-coated ash wood design or a classic contemporary walnut stained top hung bi-fold track mechanism for a conventional rectangular window space.

The end finish is bespoke in accord with the nature of the interior to be filled and the personality and preferences of our customers.